The most common teeth that an oral surgeon Annandale VA remove are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing pain and discomfort.

When you think about wisdom teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is that they’re an extreme nuisance when they’re growing. They are cumbersome because they give you a tremendous amount of pain. For some people, this pain can be felt gradually through the years before the wisdom teeth stop bothering them.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more interesting facts about these so-called wisdom teeth.

  1. They don’t actually serve any purpose

Prehistoric humans needed something to chew raw meat, roots, and leaves with. This used to be the purpose of the wisdom teeth. Now, you don’t really have a use for them and they can’t even be used properly anymore.

  1. They may no longer exist eventually

Although the existence of wisdom teeth won’t stop instantly, you can rest assured that they will definitely be completely gone in future humans. For now, we’ll have to seek out an oral surgeon Annandale VA to remove them.

  1. There’s no set age for when the wisdom teeth erupt

The most annoying thing about wisdom teeth is you can’t really tell when they’ll erupt. It can be as early as your teenage years or as late as your 60’s. Could you imagine dealing with the pain while you’re already beyond 80?

  1. Removing wisdom teeth that are perfectly fine may be good

Some experts say that it’s better to get wisdom teeth removed even if there’s no absolute need to. Impacted wisdom teeth are the most problematic dental issue because it’s a burden to have them removed.

  1. There are also those that are against wisdom teeth removal

Depending on the oral surgeon Annandale VA that you talk to, you might have to clarify why you want your wisdom teeth removed. There are dentists that insist that you keep your wisdom teeth unless you absolutely have to get them removed.

  1. They can affect how you talk

There have been many cases of those who began sounding differently because their wisdom teeth erupted. Because of how big it is compared to other teeth, the wisdom teeth is a major factor to the shape of your jawbone.

  1. They can cause sinus pain

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain, pressure, and congestion in your sinus. That’s why it’s vital that you have it removed the moment that you experience any symptoms. Not doing so will only cause you discomfort as time goes by.

  1. You might lose the feeling in your mouth if you get them removed

Nerve damage is a very serious issue. Most of your nerves are around the area where your wisdom teeth are located. That’s why you have to be very careful when deciding whether to proceed with the removal if your oral surgeon Annandale VA advises against it.

  1. They can affect your food preference

There have been documented occurrences where the food preference of a person changed because their wisdom teeth erupted or they have them removed.

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