People use different types of oils for their hair and body. And, also different type of beauty products on their body too. But the beauty product can’t help in any type of health condition. But there is an oil called Black sesame oil [น้ำมันงาดำ, which is the term in Thai] which can be helpful in both health and beauty thing. Black sesame oil can be very helpful in reducing knee pain, joint pain, and arthritis. And also help in maintaining the beauty of the body.

As most of people know that black sesame oil is full of nutrition. And, that nutrition is very helpful in detoxing the body. For clear glowing skin, one needs to detox their body first. And, that is done by the black sesame oil. After using it continuously one can clearly see the difference in their health as well as in their skin too.

Coconut oil can also be very helpful

If someone has an allergy with the sesame oil. Then they can look for Coconut oil [น้ำมันมะพร้าว, which is the term in Thai]. As it also has all the nutrition just like sesame oil. So, one can consider them instead of using any beauty products. One of the vital properties of coconut oil is the slowing down of aging properties. And, instead of using all the beauty products which falsely acclaimed to slow down the aging process. Use the real one to slow down the process.

Use any of them for the body  

Both the sesame oil and coconut oil are filled with nutrition. So, one can use any one of them. Just some odor and taste are the difference between them. And, nothing else apart from it. So, one can use any one of them or both.