Cannabis Sativa has been a controversial plant for some time. Its recreational capabilities have led to its prohibition in different states around the globe. Its medicinal attributes have however led to reconsiderations on its legality. Nevertheless, research and science has been done on the plant to point out the strengths of both THC and CBD. Marijuana is known to have about 4% THC concentration whereas only 0.3% of THC is available in CBD. So, what are the facts and lies you may have heard about CBD? Here are some top misconceptions that may seek to misinform you about CBD and cannabis sativa at large.

CBD is highly illegal – CBD is very legal in most states despite the ignorance by a few states to acknowledge its use. Considering it has only 0.3% of THC in it, most countries find no reason to restrict its use rather encourage more research and medica advancements. It is for this reason you may find hemp legal in many states that forbid marijuana.

The only good cannabinoid is CBD – cbd oil Edmonton has different cannabinoids that all play a crucial role in strengthening our immunity and functioning. More research is being done to discover more advantages these cannabinoids have but together they create the entourage effect where they become therapeutic.

THC is only for recreation – It is assumed, CBD is the only medicinal component of marijuana. This is wrong, THC despite its psychoactive properties do have cancer fighting abilities. The combine of CBD and THC for treatment of different ailments has proven effective many times over.

Hemp’ CBD beats CBD from marijuana – As long as it is organic, any CBD is good for the endocannabinoid system of the body. Do not presume that CBD from hemp is the only good form of CBD. Marijuana’s CBD is also known to function the same on the body despite the varying sources.

Factors you should understand before buying CBD oil today

It has almost become impossible to find the ideal CBD oil you need on your first attempt. Shallow information makes susceptible swindlers and may end up getting low quality cbd canada in exchange. To augment chances of good results, how can you prepare? Read on to understand the following pointers that could help you shop for better CBD oil.

You reason for seeking it

Anyone can use CBD oil for their health but why incorporate it into your diet? Why now? CBD use in different parts of the globe has been to strengthen immunity and fight different infections. You are better driven when you have a purpose behind your CBD consumption.

Its source 

Where was the hemp plant or cannabis sativa planted? Plants tend to absorb everything from the soil including harmful chemicals. CBD extracted from healthy plants should be your only priority and not one affected by pesticides and poor soil quality.

Type of CBD oil

CBD isolate oil has about 99% concentration of CBD and 1 % of other cannabinoids. Broad spectrum oil also contains CBD and other cannabinoids removing THC from the equation. Full spectrum CBD oil has most hemp extracts including THC and that may lead to prohibition in certain countries today. Decide on which of the different types available may work for you before going shopping.