Hair wax is one of the most popular short hair styling products for men. Using it you can easily style your hair or make a complex hairstyle. The main advantages of wax, for which it is appreciated by both professional hairdressers and just fashionistas and fashionistas: it is easy to apply, it has strong fixation and at the same time the hair remains mobile and does not stick together. And, importantly, it’s easier to rinse it off your hair than, for example, gel.

In addition, modern waxes, especially from good manufacturers, contain caring components, so they even don’t harm the hair, but also protect them from the harmful effects of the environment, condense and nourish with vitamins.

Dermatologists also do not limit the use of hair wax in case of scalp problems, such as dandruff or itching. But in this case, it is important to apply the product so that the wax does not come in contact with the epidermis.

Wax traditionally refers to solid hair styling products. At its core, as the name suggests, is natural beeswax. Waxes also contain petroleum jelly, mineral oils and, as we said above, vitamins. Waxes are usually divided into several subspecies, based on their consistency and the functions that they perform.

With matte wax, the hair looks as natural as possible. This wax is most often used for daily hairstyles.

Glazed wax is able to give strands a glossy shine and smooth hair. It is used to create styling for special occasions.

In addition to hard waxes, some manufacturers produce non-standard varieties. For example, a liquid-based wax spray is ideal for smoothing naughty wavy strands. Gel wax – a tool that combines the advantages of wax and hair gel at Brooklyn Barbershop. A cream-based wax contains glycerine and hair cares.

In addition, there are waxes specifically for straightening, giving shine, fixing and hair toning.


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