Obesity is the greatest enemy to your child’s health. Today almost every one out of five children in the USA is a victim of teenage obesity. This figure may sound alarming to you. But before you subject your son/daughter to a strict no-sweet, hi protein diet and strenuous exercise regimen here is something you may want to know aboutobesity

Junk food may not be the culprit all the time:

Contrary to popular thought, junk food may not be the reason for your child’s obesity all the time. No doubt, healthy food,and an exercise regimen is a beneficial lifestyle. Surely, you would have given it a go on yourself and your family frequently. But, it is frustrating to see the little output in weight loss after a month long of dieting, exercise. Why does this happen? The answer lies in your DNA. Metabolism is the process of conversion of food into water and energy for the body. The rate of metabolism is affected chiefly by your DNA along with other factors. At a younger age, your child has a higher rate of metabolism than your own. That is the advantage that reputed companies like New England Fat loss.com stress upon to create everlasting results.

The Secret Ingredient:

An initial appointment will help the fitness coaches understand your child’s food habits. The DNA based workout strategies focus on spiking the metabolism through the following measures:

  1. An effective body hydration schedule
  2. A food schedule based on the food habits of your child, focussing specifically on those target foods that complete the deficiency of macronutrients in the DNA
  3. A proper sleep cycle and many more easy to follow workouts

These workouts are further simplified through the smartphone app that keeps giving you reminders and hints on when to drink water and what foods to avoid along with living coach assistance.