In 2016 the number of people opted for sex-change surgery is 3650 and that too in the USA only. And in 2019 the figure has increased to 20% more. It is just USA so you can imagine about the rest of the world. But still some people live in the fear that their society will mock them if they opted for this surgery. These people instead of getting the real happiness that they are capable of living a life of despair. They can’t get the life they desire because they are not opting for sex change [kjønnsskifte, which is the term in Norwegian] surgery.

It can give new hope and happiness in their life. People should not bother about society anymore. You are responsible for your own happiness and no one is going to do anything for you unless you are ready to take an action. Society will tell what they want to but it is the person’s responsibility to take care of their happiness.

Happiness is private thing judgment can define happiness

There are a lot of people who want to change their gender. But because of the judgmental society and what other people think, a lot of people do not go for the sex-change surgery. The simple fact cannot be denied that they wholeheartedly want it. But one must think about this question. Is the society responsible for one person’s happiness? No, they aren’t. Why think of them when the happiness comes from one’s own decision? That is why you must stop thinking about what others say and just do what makes you  happy.

A new life is waiting

A person is just one decision away to get a new life. It is a life that someone always dreamt of having but can’t go for it because of some kind of fear. Let go of those fear and take the decision that will make you life happy.