Also called Blepharoptosis, it is characterized by the drooping of the eyelid below its normal position, either unilateral or bilateral, obstructing the person’s visual field. In children, it can be congenital, for example, the abnormal development of the eyelid lift muscle; as a result of this, the child may suffer from strabismus, lazy eye, and blurred vision.

In adults, Blepharoptosis or Ptosis of the eyelid can be caused by trauma, hypertension, diabetes, infections, myasthenia gravis, or some neurological dysfunction (Horner syndrome, stroke, vascular brain disease, etc.).

Causes Of Eyelid Ptosis

There are a lot of factors that can cause palpebral Ptosis or Blepharoptosis, and to summarize them they will be classified according to their origin, some of them are:

Myogenic: Common elevating muscle myopathy, impaired impulse transmission in the neuromuscular junction.

Aponeurotic: Defect in congenital or acquired aponeurosis, disintegration of the common elevating,

Neurogenic: Cranial nerve III paralysis, ischemic microvascular disease

Congenital: Anomalous synkinesias, congenital myasthenic syndromes

Symptoms Of Palpebral Ptosis Or Blepharoptosis

The symptoms of ptosis eyelid (หนังตาตก which is the term in Thai) can vary in each person, sometimes they do not present with the same intensity and depend on the origin of the eyelid ptosis.

  • It usually does not generate pain
  • Absence of voluntary mobility, it is difficult to raise the eyelid to open the eye
  • Impaired sensation in the affected area
  • Involuntary tearing
  • Diplopia (double vision)
  • Blurry vision
  • Deviated eyeball
  • Absence of photo motor reflex


Physiotherapy for the treatment of palpebral Ptosis or Blepharoptosis in many cases has given positive results, in which surgery has been avoided. It also serves as a pre and posts surgical treatment. It is an alternative with great advantages, and among them are: that it is not invasive, it is easy to accept, it has no adverse reactions, it has a rapid recovery, avoids surgery.