The number of people looking to perform cosmetic surgery has increased exponentially in the last decade. This trend has become popular among celebrities who seek to attain camera-friendly figures. Numerous cosmetic clinics have been set to cater to this surging demand, but they end up being a tad too expensive for most patients. As a result, many people opt for overseas clinics for these procedures. The clinics are famous for offering a range of cosmetic procedures at reasonable rates. A breast implant surgery, for example, costs £3,736 in Britain, which is nearly twice the amount a patient would pay in Poland (£1,972). Lengthy NHS waiting lists and the high costs associated with other procedures like IVF have also led many people to opt for overseas treatments. Poland has particularly become a popular destination for cosmetic procedures due to several factors, increasing awareness of the country as a tourist destination, easy access from other countries, the growing number of budget airlines flying to Polish cities and the difference in cost between dental and cosmetic procedures in the country and developed countries. Here are reasons celebrities opt for plastic surgery Poland.


As much as celebrities are in the spotlight, they value discretion. Going to a clinic in Poland affords them this much-needed privacy. Also, they can travel in the pretext of a vacation to allow time to perform different procedures and recover. A while ago, Britney Spears went for a breast augmentation surgery abroad but later told fans that she was recovering from a broken leg.

A range of Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic clinics in Poland offer a range of surgical procedures to improve the patient’s overall appearance. As such, patients are confident about having different procedures performed on their bodies without travelling from one city to another. The most frequently chosen cosmetic procedures include liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty, neck lift, breast reduction and implantation, eyelid surgery and butt lift.

Experienced Surgeons

Choosing the right specialist is crucial to getting the best results. Surgeons in Poland are known to be the best in cosmetic procedures. Patients are assessed before performing any surgical procedure to find out if the meet strict medical requirements. The surgeons advocate for surgical procedure on patients with the least health risks as they are likely to have high success rates. What’s more, surgeons are well-equipped to rectify deformations as fast as possible.

Short Waiting Time

Patients going for plastic surgery procedures in the UK experience long waiting times of up to 6 months for procedures like rhinoplasty. The waiting time is even longer if the patient wants the process performed by a private surgeon. In Poland, however, the waiting time is much shorter, usually within days or weeks, making it easy for patients to schedule for the procedure.

Combine Plastic Surgery with a Holiday

Some clinics are generous enough to arrange VIP packages for their patients to allow them to shop and tour the country. Such deals are advertised in the guise of names like Surgeon and Safari, Cosmetic Vacations, Health Escape and Med Journeys. A search of any of these phrases provides a list of suitable packages.

Account for Recovery Time

The recovery time depends on the type of surgery performed. A breast implant, for example, requires up to seven days of rest while vaginal rejuvenation needs 3-6 weeks for recovery. Other procedures like a butt lift call demand prolonged recovery time, i.e., up to four months of recovery. As such, patients are advised to go back home after the procedure or stay for a while to recover. Most medical tourism packages cater to this need by including a 10-14 day stay in a hotel or apartment. Such prolonged stay is included in the quoted price.